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Dear Friends,

Our annual Art from the Heart fundraiser, which took place on May 3 this year, is always a wonderful homecoming for me. It reminds me—not that I need reminding—what a blessed place ASEB is, and how fortunate we are to have such committed and passionate supporters. It warms my heart to see everyone enjoying each other’s company. People like you, together with the vital part we play in people’s lives, make me proud to be the leader of ASEB.

This year was no exception. I had the pleasure of greeting those who have been with us year after year, and to hear so many people tell me what ASEB means to them and how they will always be there for us. Many told me how energized they felt by the event. I felt the generosity, the fellowship, and the desire to help. I saw the passion in people’s faces.

We need this spirit to last throughout the year. We need people on fire about ASEB.

Our keynote speaker, California Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, emphasized how important it is to make connections: to spread the word about what ASEB does; to ask our friends, family, and coworkers to join us in supporting ASEB’s efforts on behalf of people with Alzheimer’s and those who care for them. We need your help to widen our circle. Please mention us to your friends. Forward our emails. Tell a coworker. Share our news on your Facebook page. Invite someone to visit our website ( Let a friend know about our volunteer opportunities. In my experience, once people see with their own eyes what ASEB does, they’re hooked. We just have to give them that opportunity.

Next year is ASEB’s 25th anniversary. We’re already thinking of ways to reach out to more people and to secure the support we need to stay afloat. We rely on your help. Thank you once again for your continued support.


Micheal Pope
Executive Director, ASEB

P.S. Our fiscal year ends June 30. Please consider making a donation now so that we can break even for 2011-2012.

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