ASEB Transportation and Measure B Funding

Measure B is a half-cent sales tax in Alameda County that is earmarked for transportation improvement. You might see signs on the freeway that indicate “Measure B funding at work.”

Each of ASEB’s centers operates three vans that transport participants to and from the centers that is funded in part by Measure B. Our drivers are trained to effectively understand the specific needs of individuals with dementia. This helps to ensure participant safety, and it saves money compared to taxi or other modes of specialized transportation.

During Fiscal Year 2013-2014, Measure B covered over 30% of ASEB’s transportation budget through a generous grant from Alameda County Transportation Commission (ACTC)

If you have questions about ASEB’s transportation program or about how to get your loved one on one of our vans, please contact one our program directors.

For more information about Measure B funding, please visit the Alameda CTC website.

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