Global Aging: The Next Big Investment Opportunity

Episode 13–Season 2

Global Aging: The Next Big Investment Opportunity?

July 24, 2014 5 pm

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The consumer marketplace has been overwhelmingly youth-obsessed for decades, but this is about to change dramatically – and in ways that will spotlight a traditionally-overlooked upside of aging.

Baby Boomers are transforming aging. This 78 million-strong generation has unrivalled amounts of money to spend, and they control 77% of the total net worth of US households. Even though they are largely ignored by advertisers, they represent 50% of all discretionary spending power. What does this all mean?

Join host Micheal Pope for an insightful hour with Richard Eisenberg, Assistant Managing Editor of PBS’s who says, “Everybody talks about the problems the aging of America is creating, real and otherwise (stress on Social Security, older workers keep younger workers from moving up…) But some noted experts say we are looking at this all wrong.”

Tune in to Life is a Sacred Journey on Thursday, July 24 at 5 pm PDT to listen and have your say!

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