Letter from Wanda Lee

October 18

Dear ASEB Supporters,

My introduction to Alzheimer’s was with my parents, as their only caregiver through every stage of the disease. Now I find it in myself. Armed with foreknowledge gained from the years of caring for them, I know well how to work with Alzheimer’s as my own symptoms begin to appear. I believe that with this early recognition I have been able to effectively delay aspects of this disease with backups, cover-ups, and detours to remain competent longer than usual.

My intention is this: I am going to work WITH the disease of Alzheimer’s rather than submit to it.

Long before ordinary people knew much about Alzheimer’s, I attended a workshop by Dee Coulter in Denver, Colorado. She first described the brain detours, and that’s how I’ve tackled this disease. I see my brain like Swiss cheese—much of it is solid and sound, but with some holes in it. I use detours to get around the holes.

With so much misinformation, there is only one place possible to find out what’s going on with us. And that is from us. We are pioneers. Only we can educate the experts to the exact nature of this disease. However, the funding that we need for help with living with this disease right now is instead going into research for a cure that is years off into the future.

No question, folks, we got handed a lemon; so let’s find some ways to turn it into lemonade.

ASEB is the only organization of its kind that I know of that uses all of its funding to help us live on a daily basis. The day care program, the caregiver groups, and my own early Alzheimer’s group all focus on what is needed today. My group helps me maintain a positive outlook with breathing room to look forward to each week that isn’t about the dreaded eventuality of what lies ahead. Being with like-minded people–learning vicariously from others how much of life we are still able to live–nourishes my own efforts.

However, not everybody is able to pay for the programs, and ASEB is committed to helping us anyway it can for as long as possible. I couldn’t come to ASEB if I weren’t on a scholarship. Some of us don’t have spouses or caregivers, and ASEB can help us stay independent longer.

I was stunned to learn that ASEB needs to raise $700,000 per year to help those of us who could not use their services otherwise. I urge you to make your gift today. The future of this organization depends upon donors to keep it alive and running, now and for the future of us all. It is with deep gratitude that we reach out to you for your contribution to help ASEB help us.


Wanda Lee

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