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Make a regular monthly donation and make a difference to the lives of many.

Make a regular monthly donation and make a difference to the lives of many.


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It takes more than an individual to provide quality care.

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Program Participant Lunches:

ASEB served 28,762 delicious and healthy lunches last year.

$121,144 Annually

$4.21 per lunch

Dietary Supplies:

Program participants are provided adaptive eating utensils in order to ensure their independence and nutritional status.

$23,828 Annually

$137.73 per person

Medical Supplies:

ASEB has an RN on staff Monday through Friday from 9-4. The program nurse is responsible for blood pressure and diabetic monitoring. The RN plays a pivotal role in the total health of each program participant.

$10,398 Annually

$60.10 per person

Program-Activity Supplies:

We consider EVERY activity to be therapeutic when the participant is involved in doing something that brings joy or meaning to an individual’s day.

$7,377 Annually

$42.64 per person


ASEB’s costs include insurance, maintenance, para-transit vouchers and fuel. ASEB owns 6 vans that are used to transport participants to and from the program. In addition, ASEB vans are used on field trips!

$148,344 Annually

$10.26 per trip, 1-way

Therapy Equipment:

ASEB’s goal in providing therapy in the day program is to enhance the participant’s (as well as his or her family’s) ability to take control of contributing to their physical and mental health. This way the individual can continue to be involved in and enjoy everyday activities—so essential to bolstering self esteem and improving the quality of life.

$236 Annually

$1.36 per person

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Thank you for supporting Alzheimer’s Services of the East Bay. Your tax-deductible contribution directly supports people with dementia and their families, most of whom are low income.

Donations may be sent to:

ASEB 2320 Channing Way Berkeley, CA 94704 Attn: Accounting

ASEB’s Tax ID number is: