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Lawsuits Challenge 10% Reduction in Reimbursement

The Adult Day Health Care Association (ADHCA) recently announced it would file an appeal to challenge the state of California’s 10% reduction in the provider reimbursement rate. Berdj Karapetian, executive director of the ADHCA, said if the courts allow the state to recoup 10% of provider rates, it could be a final straw for some centers. “We are convinced that if the recoupment is to occur,” Karapetian said, “it will force many CBAS providers to close their doors. And that will further diminish the number of providers.” Statewide, approximately 34 centers have shut down or announced plans to close over the past year. Preliminary injunctions have been granted by federal […]

New challenges bring change and opportunity

I’m delighted to have this chance to welcome you to my blog! I hope to share news about what’s happening at ASEB, keep you abreast of developments in elder care, and tell you about developments in the state and local government as it relates to caring for people with dementia. In particular, I want to let you know how we at ASEB affect people’s lives every day. I’m passionate about my work. I believe that what we do here at ASEB is of vital importance. My beliefs and values are not only professional, they’re deeply personal. I grew up in the Bronx, in a neighborhood where it was a given […]