Lawsuits Challenge 10% Reduction in Reimbursement

The Adult Day Health Care Association (ADHCA) recently announced it would file an appeal to challenge the state of California’s 10% reduction in the provider reimbursement rate. Berdj Karapetian, executive director of the ADHCA, said if the courts allow the state to recoup 10% of provider rates, it could be a final straw for some centers. “We are convinced that if the recoupment is to occur,” Karapetian said, “it will force many CBAS providers to close their doors. And that will further diminish the number of providers.” Statewide, approximately 34 centers have shut down or announced plans to close over the past year. Preliminary injunctions have been granted by federal […]

Working Together to Make Change

We faced many challenges in 2011 but, as the year draws to a close, I’m happy to announce a victory. On November 17, 2011, a federal lawsuit that challenged the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) planned elimination of Adult Day Health Care (ADHC) as a Medi-Cal benefit was settled. The good news is that the right of the seven plaintiffs, and the 35,000 low-income people with disabilities they represent, to continue receiving center-based health care was upheld. We are grateful for the enormous effort that went into this action and for the outcome, which we hope will allow ASEB to keep its doors open to many who rely […]